Student and Faculty Testimonies

Noelle Low

Professor Parks is a fountain of knowlege and provides in-depth instruction tailored to each student. I have learned more this year than in the past two years combined. She has inspired me to become a teacher."    



photo by Elizabeth Oltman

Cody Sanford

While attending Red Rocks Community College I had the pleasure of getting to know Ms. Parks first as an instructor, then as a supervisor for my work study, and finally as a co-worker in the theatre department.


I first had Ms. Parks as an instructor when I took her Development of Theatre I class in the fall of 2009. Ms. Parks kept us all engaged through the use of both lecture and Powerpoint presentations, and always managed to find time outside of class if any of us were struggling or just wanted to engage in a spirited debate. In addition, she split us up into groups and had each group present an analysis of the plays we were covering during the semester. In my opinion, Ms. Parks enthusiasm and sheer passion for theatre, in addition to her expertise in the field, would make her a perfect fit in any and all educational settings. For example, I remember one class period in which a number of us were lamenting trying to read Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author and Ms. Parks defended the work so fervidly that she managed to change our minds as to the significance of the work.


Towards the end of my time at Red Rocks, and for three semesters afterwards I was hired as the resident sound designer and master electrician for the theatre department during which time I got to know Ms. Parks as a co-worker. As I designer, I thoroughly appreciated working with directors who not only knew what they wanted, but were also loose enough with their vision to allow me to be creative and Ms. Parks was one of those directors.


In summation, Ms. Elizabeth Parks is a passionate, erudite instructor; a fantastic director; and a delight to work for and with.   -Cody J Sanford (Former student and colleague)

Jennifer Morazan


Elizabeth Parks has been a great instructor to learn from. She was my instructor for both Introduction to Acting and Voice for the Actor courses.  Her initiative and enthusiasm has made her a pleasure to have as an instructor.


My first course with Ms. Parks was Introduction to Acting. Most or all of the students in that class were not involved in the Theatre Department at Texas Tech.  Despite this, Ms. Parks made class very interactive and made sure that all of her students were involved. Ms. Parks always had a large amount of enthusiasm to teach her students. She had an ease in making class engaging and interesting. A year later, I had Ms. Parks as an instructor for Voice for the Actor and she still had the same enthusiasm that I had remembered. 


Ms. Parks would always come to class ready to begin and passed her energy along to the students. All the activities we did in class together were very creative and she even encouraged students to use their own creativity in class. Her style motivated us to not only learn new skills but to also effectively use them in action. Ms. Parks also made sure to ask the students what they thought about a concept taught in class that day. If students ever had any concerns she would make sure to address them the best way possible and always had a solution.


Ms. Parks was very encouraging to the students and challenged us to do our best. I believe she took her duty very seriously and wanted her students to achieve new knowledge and skills from taking her class.  I’m happy to have had her as an instructor and I would want others to have her as well.  -Jennifer Morazán (Former Student)

Bruce Hermann (Mentor)


As a performance teacher, collaborator, and creator, Elizabeth inspires openness and curiosity, while insisting always on the importance of clear and exacting articulation in all forms of expression. She is tireless in her pursuit of opening every student’s eyes to the potential in creative endeavor, never ceasing in her enthusiasm and encouragement; each student reaching for a satisfying performance fruition. Elizabeth is a natural at finding out exactly what each student/actor needs, and then gently, but firmly guiding and mentoring that student to a successful experience. The actors in her projects constantly remark about how much fun they are having, while they are also learning a

great deal.


As a creator, Elizabeth is ceaselessly inventive and generous. She has developed a unique and effective performance vocabulary, splicing together acting and movement techniques learned from extensive study of European masters. The foundation of her process is her tremendous work-ethic and passion. Elizabeth keeps her student/actors focused, always digging in and exploring to make new and useful discoveries. Elizabeth is a smart, experienced, and talented teacher and performer. Hers is a generous spirit that will fill your program with enthusiasm, hard work, and collaborating energy.