The creation of #LookUp

The intention was to exploit the theatricality of witnessing; to invite, force, and tempt the spectators to not only witness witnessing, but to witness themselves witnessing. To actualize this intention we asked ourselves and the spectators: What are you watching and what are you doing about it? From this overarching question, subsequent questions emerged: How do we witness through actions? How do we witness through the stories we tell and the stories we listen to? How do we witness through the connections we foster or negate? Conversely, how do we avoid witnessing? …by avoiding connections? …by avoiding speaking and/or listening? Finally, we asked: what does witnessing or not witnessing say about society, about him/herself, and how one allows him/herself to operate within society?


Why "#LookUp?"


Witnessing can be collective and singular, the human experience is both collective and singular- opportunities to witness are always presenting themselves, we never run out of chances to witness- there is always a do-over, another boulder to push, another hill to climb- it is only the hero that does in life what Sisyphus does with that boulder and marches forward.


We witness through actions, through words, through listening, by being present. This is the great human potential and what allows for us to thrive as communal beings. When we stop witnessing we stop communing with humanity, we negate our brethren and ourselves.