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Elizabeth is an actor, director, choreographer, and voice and movement coach. She specializes in voice and movement for the actor, applied theatre, devised theatre, and global performance traditions. She is a Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Body Training Practitioner with the Lessac Research and Training Institute® with anticipated certification in Margolis Method in 2022. Other trainings include Noh Theatre (Kita School), and devising work at Odin Teatret in Denmark and The Rhodopi Dramatichen Teatar in Bulgaria. Elizabeth has been teaching in higher education for fifteen years. She is the Visiting Assistant Professor of Acting at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and has taught at Lake Superior University,  Austin College, Hampden-Sydney College, Texas Tech University, and Red Rocks Community College. Prior to performing, training, and teaching theatre, Elizabeth studied French at L’Université François Rabelais in Tours, France and earned a Master of Arts in French from Bowling Green State University. She is currently working on an independent project titled Lady O.G., a one-woman show about the political activist, actor, and playwright Olympe de Gouges. 

Her research and creative activity focus on the integration of Eastern and Western training practices, the intersection of Western training practices, issues of community and social justice, and applied theatre. Her creative work includes intercultural physical theatre, devised theatre, social action theatre, and digital technology in performance. In the classroom and in her theatre-making, she builds spaces of agency, belonging, self-actualization, and self-empowerment. As a director, she creates visceral experiences that traverse culture and investigate the primal force of terror, yugen or the profound, dark beauty of the universe, and the edges of intimacy. Favorite directing projects include Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, #LookUp, a devised project about what it means to witness, and A Good Woman Waits by Jared Strange. Favorite acting projects include performances in Rain/of Terror and Hot + Wax: Too Big To Fail, both with the LIDA Project,  Agave in a circus-devised adaptation of The Bacchae at the Rhodopi Dramatichen Theatar , and Faces of a Barter at Odin Teatret in Denmark.